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Delighting our clients through the art of capturing moving images since 2004, we continue our tradition of understanding, improvising and producing creative videos to please you. With more than 300 videos produced for various government agencies, multinational corporations, small and medium enterprises and television networks, you can be assured of an experienced team to handle your projects with ease and flexibility.


One of the key methods to enhance films and videos lies in the use of animation. We primarily use CGI animation, which is the process used for generating animated images. There are various ways to incorporate them into your projects so that you can optimize the look and feel of your videos and films. Have a chat with us to see what we can do for you. :)


Another form of visual communication that is imperative and complementary in media is design. Through a combination of visual representation, branding and typography, your messaging can be reached effectively to your target audiences for below the line or above the line advertising.


The artistic form of filmmaking is still respected as a storytelling medium even in its current digital realm. We typically shoot on Arri Alexa and RED Digital for recording and displaying of motion pictures and our cinematographers are skilled to handle your filming needs.


We have been around long enough to experience the transition from traditional analogue to the current non-linear editing system to understand your post-production needs and requirements. This is where the second part of directing occurs where assembly, colour-grading, music and voice come together in symphony to create a final product to showcase.


Our team has many years of experience in the field of conceptualisation, pre-production, product placements, production, post-production and many other elements that go in between. Have a chat with us to see how we can enhance or assist you in your marketing or promotional tools.



Production Edge Pte Ltd


Our main office in Singapore handles projects both locally and internationally. Our experienced and dedicated team will ensure that your projects will be handled with care, professionalism and with priority.

SoundArt Productions

New Zealand

Our associate office works hand-in-hand with clients both in and out of New Zealand, with a specialty in handling government agencies and multi-national corporations.

Arion Films


Our associate office in India works with you to produce films, videos and commercials to meet your customized needs and requirements.


Production Edge Pte Ltd has been in the business since 2004. We have experienced the use of films and analogues, where the old school filming of heavy, heavy equipment and where rendering takes days and weeks! Now, the use of lighter, more featherweight digital equipment means better filming days, less losses in quality during transfers in post-production, keeping up with the times and of course happier clients. Always nimble, flexible, dedicated and understanding of the clients needs, we aim to continue to produce good quality products that surpasses your expectations.
Our clients include government agencies, multinational corporations, non-profit organizations, small and medium enterprises and television networks. clients    


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